Space, the final frontier.

Captain Kirk doll with Spock doll blurred in background

I have just discovered that I value space. I’m not talking of the countryside or vistas that stretch on for miles (ask me about Wales sometime) or even of physical space around me in my everyday life. 

I’m talking about the space of free time.

This understanding has come after working with my coach for a little over a year. It seems increasingly obvious but having worked in 9-5 corporate for much of my adult life I have never had the breathing time to recognise it. 

I like to mull things over on walks and often find myself thinking through one thing whilst undertaking another. 

I like time to process things. 

Since tuning in more to the ebb and flow of my energy to assist me in how I plan my day, I realise that I need to factor in space and not book tasks and meetings back to back. I am not used to this. My brain starts to tell me I am lazy, that this is not the approach to bring success and what about so and so, look how they work and what they are achieving. Now that’s how it should be done.

Oh, back in your basket with this drivel! (Yes, this is what goes on in my head…). Unhand me clouded default thinking and let me at you with a sztachetka (pronounced ste-head-ka – it’s Polish)! I am in charge here.

Despite this repeated exchange, I am starting to find the beginnings of confidence to not only embrace building space into my weekly schedule but also to not apologise for it – to myself or others; I am creating my own daily rhythm. 

Looking back I think space has been one of the main drivers for setting up my own business – it is coming into focus as an important value (you can cross that word off your coaching bingo card). 

The more this understanding grows the more empowered I feel to keep exploring this final frontier.

What hitherto hidden value may you be on the brink of discovering, dear reader?

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash