What are your measures of success?

Hand holding a key with the word success attached with a sunset in the background

I was having a Q1 planning review with a fellow coach, Susan Doerksen Castro (this was much more fun than it sounds), and she asked me what my measures of success are.  I reeled off newsletter subscribers, email open rates, number of coaching sessions, all the expected stuff that still brings me out in hives and makes my head grow heavy and come dangerously close to thumping down on the table.   

Before sustaining any sort of injury, Susan staged an intervention designed to elicit the other measures. Slightly stunned (thankfully not in an injury inducing way) it took a moment for my brain to respond to this disruptive trajectory – ‘there are other measures?’  Like a coaching pro Susan stepped in picking out my other possible measures of success like a Quality Street connoisseur picks out the strawberry and orange cremes from the Christmas tin, such were her listening skills.   

These are the questions we discovered I should be asking myself regularly: 

  1. Have I worked to my own rhythm as my energy ebbs and flows? 
  2. Have I prioritised my morning workout?  
  3. Am I having fun? 

May the sun always shine on your Susan!   

This is liberation.   

This is energy.   

This is light in the darkness of metrics! 

This jubilation has its work cut out coming up against the long haul of bedding in this redefining success, recognising what success means and then building my day, my week, my business accordingly (I still keep an eye on the dull stuff…sigh).  It takes conscious effort because my default is to JUST measure against what I have understood success to be rather than everything that is important to me. 

What about you, dear reader? Humour me for a moment and come with me to the holodeck (yes, I am a Star Trek fan.  Most people don’t see that coming…).  Let’s try out some possible new success measures for you and your life: 

  • Let’s get the default stuff out the way first – what should success look like for you? 
  • Now let’s get radical – what would you like success to look like?   
  • If you added these new metrics into your success measurement system what does it tell you about your life? 

Settle on one measurement to monitor (in addition to your usual ones) and get curious about what you notice.

  • How does paying attention to this new metric affect how you pay attention to the other existing metrics?
  • What changes when you allow this new metric to be important?
  • What surprises you?

It’s worth revisiting these questions each month to help establish the new metric you have chosen to monitor and observe the impact on you over time.

Have fun redefining your success!

Photo by unknown on Canva.