Give yourself an audit.

Purple starry sky above trees.

An exercise I love to do with clients is akin to an audit, which sounds terrible. Maybe it would be better to describe it as a stepping back to reflect on how you and all the parts of your life are fitting together at the moment (you can see why I didn’t go for this as the subject line).

It allows for reflection on what you are happy with, what you are not happy with and if you want to make any changes. With past clients it has brought clarity around what’s been contributing to their feeling of unfulfillment. It’s revealed what’s led to being overwhelmed. It’s also helped usher in action around a toxic work relationship.

Giving space to explore the ‘life stuff’ that could be zapping your energy, motivation and hope enables you to step back and see more clearly what might be influencing how you are thinking and feeling about what you want to do next in life. I am a firm believer that along this journey of exploration there should be time to unpack what’s going on in your head and heart so you can make courageous decisions that are less hampered by underlying fears. 

So, what is this super-duper exercise?

It’s based on constellation work (not that you really need to know that) and is pretty simple, fun and enlightening (have I mentioned this already?): 

  • You need a clear space to work with (typically a desk or table).
  • Look about the room you’re in to find an object that represents you.
  • Place this object in the centre of the clear space and notice how it reflects you.
  • Repeat this exercise with your key relationships, work, activities, hopes, dreams and anything that’s important in your life. Find objects that represent them and position them in relation to you. You are building your constellation.
  • Throughout the process reflect on what you’re noticing.
  • Ask yourself if there is anything you want to move, where to and why.
  • Ask yourself what’s missing and add objects in to reflect theses things, making sure you put them in the place you would like them to be in relation to you and the other objects.
  • Lastly, reflect on your work of art – you may want to take a photo of it – what do you notice?  What action would you like to take?

Here’s to taking a little space for yourself and your ‘life stuff’.

Photo by unknown on Canva.