4 signs you’re ready to explore what to do next in life.

Woman facing the sea with arms open wide standing on a large rock jutting into the sea facing a tree covered peninsula

This blogpost is inspired by a chat I had with a very good friend of mine when we went for a walk.

In amongst inspiring topics such as how many times we moisturise, having a hankering for cake, activating your glutes, sore eyes caused by unknown allergies and what we will be like when we’re 80, we briefly touched on whether what she is feeling is a sign to start exploring possibilities of what she could do in the future.

So, my friend, this one’s for you. 

1. You’re bored.

You’re probably where you are today because you have developed your skills, you’ve discovered that you’re quite good and there are elements you enjoy, but the sum is no longer greater than the parts. The drive to move forward – that energy – wanes soooooo quickly now. Boredom is knocking. This is likely to be a sign you’re ready for something new. Should you look for the next natural step to progress in what you already know and do? Will this really be what you want? You are not so sure. Oh, let’s just get another coffee, read something or work out what you can put off until tomorrow.

2. You feel lethargic.

Which leads us here, to lethargy. Even when part of you is interested in a project, a new opportunity that a few years ago you would have jumped at or a chance to expand your knowledge, you just can’t muster the enthusiasm. Mamma Mia, it’s like wading through treacle. You feel slow and can’t find anything that motivates you for very long. Your creativity feels sapped and you keep chopping and changing your focus in the hopes inspiration will take root. Maybe this will help, no, maybe that….oh who cares, you’re too tired to think about it. Let’s try again tomorrow.

3. You feel hemmed in.

Maybe people are irritating you a little more now. Your tolerance is declining and the flexibility you are looking for to help you manage through this extended dip is nowhere to be found. This could be because you are so good at what you do; you’re ready for more freedom, a promotion, the next step but you’re not sure this is the answer. Something is niggling away at you and you are finding it increasingly hard to ignore. It keeps questioning the path you are on asking ‘what if?’

4. You don’t know what to do next.

Indeed. What if? But you have no real answers which is not helpful. Not helpful at all. Many times in life you have known what the next step is, you’ve followed a path, taken risks and made choices. Not this time. This time things feel up in the air and you haven’t quite got the strategy to pull everything down back into place, which is a little scary. You don’t know how to get out of this – it’s unfamiliar territory.

If any of the above resonates with you, I have an exercise you can try – it’s very simple.

Of course, it’s easy for me to pronounce that I think you’re ready to start exploring if you identify with the 4 points above but it’s far more important that YOU can see you’re ready so try this. 

On an A4 piece of paper write this question at the top: am I ready to begin exploring possibilities of what I could do next in life?

  • Divide the rest of the page into 2 columns to help you easily jot down thoughts throughout the days ahead. 
  • In column 1 write ‘yes, I am ready’. 
  • In column 2 write ‘no, I am not ready’. 
  • Over the coming days write down the thoughts you have about exploring something new in the relevant column and observe what comes up. 

Once you have things written down, notice how the picture being painted may differ from the narrative that’s been playing in your head. 

  • How are you feeling? 
  • Is anything surprising you?
  • What do you want to do with any new insights you’ve gained?
May you have courage as you open yourself up to this task and open yourself up to where it could lead you.

Photo by unknown on Canva.