Finding gold in your past.

Bust of female with hair up and gold threading across her.

As you look back over your life, have you ever felt that if you had made different choices, been more decisive, less people pleasing, had more understanding of what the hell was REALLY going on, you could be in a better, more successful place now?

So have many of the clients I coach.

And so have I.

This interpretation of the past can run deep and each time you look back you see a trail of brokenness, lack, fruitless striving and waste. On top of this comes the comparison with friends, colleagues and what you should have been.

Talk about bringing you into the pit of despair!

I want to invite you to look at the trail that brought you to this point in your life in a different way (bet you didn’t see that coming).

What if, instead of a destructive trail, you look back and see a golden thread?

My fellow coach Danielle wrote a blogpost sharing what she learned about the Japanese craft of kintsugi when she attended a workshop whilst living in Japan. Kintsugi is the name given to the mending of broken pottery with gold powder and lacquer. As Danielle explains it means ‘golden journey’ or ‘golden repair’. It is often cited as a metaphor for the beauty of our imperfections but I want to focus on the journey interpretation.

I believe that if you can see your past through the eyes of kintsugi you will discover a golden journey and buried in this journey you will find your unique talents, skills, values, knowledge and experience – your hidden treasure.

It can be almost impossible to see where this gold is weaving through your story. It’s as though the glasses you are looking through are so dirty you can only see the muck.

Nevertheless, I invite you to try taking your glasses off and see if you can find some of the gold, your gold.

  • What would it mean if you could discover your golden journey and hidden treasure?
  • How does this change how you interpret your past?
  • How does it change your view of the future?
  • What becomes possible?

Good luck; not that you need it – I know there is gold for you to find.

Photo by unknown on Canva.