Rest and slow down.

Slow down your career change - photo of cat lying on a ledge next to whitewashed steps in Greece.

When I went on holiday to Greece in early October last year (2022) I was curious to see how a week away from my work would feel. Having not been anywhere abroad since beginning my coaching journey (my next life adventure!) I was keen to observe how I would experience this break.

Unlike previously, when I worked in the corporate world, I was not approaching the week with thoughts of getting away from work, switching off, or needing to recharge after expending huge amounts of energy on a recent project. 

Rather, I was hoping for my creativity to get a boost so I could come back with new ideas and the motivation to implement them.

Much to my irritation I got really, really tired in the evenings on holiday and found it hard to enjoy myself – choosing where to eat, what to have, soaking up the atmosphere – I just wanted to go to bed! Looking back this was actually me coming down with what turned out to be covid.

So, my week to invest in my creativity was scuppered. Then the following weeks were spent being ill so I didn’t do any work.

But I have felt pretty relaxed about it.


Because I am building my business for the long game – I am focused on sustainability and missing a few weeks of sending newsletters and being present on social media does not affect my progress overall.

I have built my working schedule to be flexible and have lots of wiggle room. I have time to focus on what’s important to me outside of my business.  I chip away at tasks to meet a goal slowly over days or weeks rather than setting goals that I could power through and achieve with no interruptions (in whatever form they come) very quickly.

This slow and steady approach means I don’t burn out and I avoid getting irritated and frustrated by lack of progress; I can far more successfully juggle all the demands on my time and attention outside of my business. 

I’m like a cart horse plodding up and down a field – not a particularly inspiring image but it’s getting me closer to realising my vision for my next life adventure and I’m enjoying the ride.

An invitation

I invite you to try slowing down and resting more. 

Notice what happens.

If you could slow down how you are approaching your next life adventure (which may mean taking longer to implement it), what opens up for you?

What would having more wiggle room in your plan give you?

How could taking more time for resting and recharging change things?

I’m hoping your journey becomes more enjoyable with a little more rest and slowing things down and maybe I’ll see you over here in the slow lane.

Photo by Alex Howard – my little brother!