Could your view of money be holding you back when it comes to choosing a new career?

Could your view of money be holding you back when it comes to a new career? Photo of a $20 note stuck on the branch of a tree.

Money worries are quite high on the list when contemplating making a shift towards doing something different in a career, especially if it could herald a change in income.

Taking a finance inventory, creating a hypothetical budget and putting money aside in anticipation of the change all help but what about going deeper and exploring your relationship with money?

How do you view money?

What does money give you?

What’s influencing your approach to money?

What are your money fears?

What are your money hopes?

What does your relationship with money hinder? What does it enable?

What effect is all this having as you look to explore doing something new in life?

Write money a letter (or two)

I invite you to explore your money narratives to see what comes up and, as is often the case in coaching, to do this you are going to get creative to unlock your thinking and access your feelings.

#1 Write money a letter and see what comes up. Write to it as though it’s a person and use the questions above to guide you if needed.

#2 As a follow up, write money another letter welcoming it into your life, exploring how you will have a positive relationship. Maybe you would like to make some commitments, acknowledge new ways of handling money or make some requests. Just see what surfaces. 

Once you have written these 2 letters, as always, observe how you interact with money over the coming days and consider any changes you might like to make ready for 2023.

I would love to know how you get on with this exercise.

How did you feel going into the letter writing?

Were there any surprising revelations?

What effect has writing these letters had?

I hope approaching money in this creative way leads to new and liberating perspectives for you and unlocks possibilities as you explore a new career.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash.