When ‘what if?’ whispers your name.

Photo of light shining through trees in a wood.

If you’re hearing the voice of ‘what if?’, I urge you to pay attention.

Most of the time we don’t, for myriad reasons:

It’s not the right time.

A steady income is needed.

You have responsibilities.

It’s too late.

There’s way too much of a change required.

You’re not creative enough.

It’s not practical.

Where would you even start?

It would cost too much/require money you don’t have.

On the face of it this list speaks sense.

You’d be completely daft to quit your job, move somewhere new, embark on studying now, wouldn’t you?

Just ignore the whisper of ‘what if?’ and it will quickly fade.

Back to real life.

But what if real life was on the other end of that whisper?

What if paying attention to it lets in chinks of light which begin to transform how you express yourself in the world – maybe through your work, the rhythm of your daily life, your focus for the coming year?

I believe it’s incredibly important to give ‘what if?’ some of your precious time.

It’s asking you to pause and dig a little deeper underneath the layers of your life to reconnect with what makes you, you.

And when you grow, build and create from here, there will be more ease, joy, motivation, staying power and fulfillment.

So, if you can find 30 mins, I encourage you to create a quiet space for yourself and tune into listening to ‘what if?’

Let your mind wander and your imagination soar.

Allow yourself to dream.

Engage with where you are taken.

Notice the emotions that are rising.

Notice the thoughts that come in.

When you’re ready, have a go at capturing what has been coming up on paper.

This could be in a list, a mind map, free writing, drawing – whichever way helps you express yourself most fully.

I’m not going to leave you here, in the realm of ‘what if?’.

I want you to begin to experience a little of the real possibilities open to you from this place.

Pick either the most resonant thing (I can’t think of a better word at the moment) that you captured, or the one you deem most feasible.

How can you start exploring this in the smallest way?

Something that doesn’t suck your time and money, something that doesn’t overwhelm you at all.

Something that feels easy, almost too easy!

This is where you start.

It’s letting in a chink of light.

And light illuminates everything it touches. 

Photo by Mike Dierken on Unsplash.