Yes, you are creative and a career change will help you see it.

Yes, you are creative and a career change will help you see it - photo of different colour paints being thrown out of a bucket across a white wall.

Recently I’ve been thinking about creativity.

It seems a perceived lack of creativity stops people from exploring a more fulfilling career.

When I talk to people about what they might like to do in their future, they describe not knowing because they are not very creative.

They can’t see how they could use their skills and strengths in any other way.

They may be drawn to something quite different to that which they are currently doing but they dismiss it out of hand because they don’t perceive themselves to be creative enough for that type of work or interest.  

They also don’t see themselves as imaginative enough to work out how to make the leap from where they are to something new, which again, they put down to a lack of creativity.  

I’m not buying it 😁.

I think there’s a lot more creativity going on in people through the application of their skills and strengths than they realise.

It’s just people don’t see it because it’s not art – drawing, painting, writing, making something look aesthetically pleasing – or entrepreneurship or speaking eloquently on a topic, or whatever else has been put in the creativity bucket.

To me creativity goes beyond these traditional interpretations.  It also shows up in thinking processes, how someone analyses and how they take action, how they approach things; I really enjoy spotting how these things present themselves in people. 

Here are some examples:

– How they use colour to format their calendar.

– The way in which they approach a task.

– The organisation methods used to get multiple tasks done.

– How they communicate ideas.

– How they see opportunities where others don’t.

– The information gathering methods they use.

– What they see when looking at problems or just the world around them.

To me, all of this is using creativity.

And I want to unlock it.

Skills are expressed so creatively.

People just need to learn to how to see theirs differently, in the light of creativity, then a world of possibilities beyond what they are currently doing will open up.

I think if people could see and understand their unique creativity, it would be like having a key to the doors of possibilities for their future.

It would feel worthwhile exploring and pushing on these different doors to see what unfolds; to see who they are when they expand into new territories.

As I write my initial thoughts on unlocking creativity and its effect on enabling people to figure out a new career, I’m wondering if anything I am touching on resonates with you.

I am exploring whether I’m onto something here or if I’m barking up the wrong tree 🙈.

If you would like to share your thoughts, experience or observations I would love to hear from you.

Photo by unknown on Canva.