You don’t need goals. You need an intention.

You don't need a goal. You need an intention. Photo of a sunset over a beach with a cloudy sky.

I was recently reading ‘The Illusion of Money: Why Chasing Money Is Stopping You From Receiving It’ by Kyle Cease. 

When I got to the chapter ‘Falling in love with expansion’; a few paragraphs in particular smacked me round the head in a mamma-mia-now-this-makes-sense-to-me kind of way, so much so, that I want to share them with you today.

As you read the excerpt I share, keep in mind that if you can start your journey to figuring out a new career from an intention, rather than a goal, you’ll find curiosity, exploration, expansion and opportunity blooming in the most surprising of ways. 

Mind your head, here come the paragraphs…

“A goal is something you can understand. An intention is defining and aiming toward an expansion. A goal is in the future. An intention is in this moment. A goal is an outcome. An intention is an internal direction. An intention is saying that you want to discover more of what you are, and that you’re totally open to the fact that you don’t know what the hell it is. A goal is “I want to make a million dollars.” You know what a million dollars is, so that’s not an exciting mystery that is going to cause you to leap into an unknown new level of yourself. When you have a defined goal, it actually can sometimes cap you at that level and prevent you from going deeper because you are attached to that external outcome. With an intention, you are surrendering the results and going into a deeper place that has no defined outcome – but has an infinite amount of possibility. 

Having a specific external goal is like walking around with an oversize beach ball and trying to walk through doorways but constantly getting stuck. You have to look for the one doorway that can fit you and your beach ball at the same time. Having an intention is like having a nicely packed, uninflated beach ball that allows you to walk through many different-size doors and then blow up your beach ball when the time is right. A goal limits you to the one opportunity that you have mentally defined ahead of time. Your intention gives you the freedom to discover yourself and leaves you open to many opportunities that might match and support the new awareness that is emerging. And because you are discovering more of yourself, when an opportunity shows up, you’re more aligned and able to take advantage of that opportunity.

So instead of capping ourselves at the level of our mind’s goals, if we allow ourselves to go inward because we want to learn more about ourselves, we will learn to surrender to the flow of life and let it show us something better. Your mind understands goals; your heart understands a feeling, an intuition, an insight. Your heart is leading you to something that is so much bigger than whatever your goal is. No matter how big your goal is, it’s nothing compared to what life is wanting to show you and bring into the world through you. We have to be motivated by an inner intention instead of our external goals, otherwise we’ll be a slave to those goals and will miss out on the opportunity to truly express ourselves, create massive value, and shift the planet.

For example, if you start any type of creative project, let’s say it’s writing a book, but you don’t have an inner intention for why you are doing it, then your mind will latch on to the need for a specific outcome and ask questions like “How can I write a book that people will like?” or “What sells?” If you’re not leading with an inner intention that is driving you forward and listening to the inspired creativity of your heart, you’ll be a victim to the external results and opinions of other people. If instead, you have a powerful intention like discovering patience and evolving more into what you are, then you’re creating on a new dimension beyond what already exists in the world, you won’t be as affected by other people’s opinions, and you have the potential to create something truly groundbreaking.

If I were writing this book because of an external result, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’d be cut off from my soul, and it would be torture trying to figure out what I should write next, hoping that I do it right so that I can get something. I’d be completely drained, and it would take me forever. Instead, every day when I sit down to write I have a powerful inner intention of unfolding into more of what I am and creating a deeper connection to myself and the wisdom that is coming through. As a result, I’m writing this entire book in like a month, while also doing all sorts of other stuff. That’s only possible because my intention for doing it is my primary goal. I want to see what I become more than I want to see what I get from it.” 

I don’t think I need to add anything much, other than to encourage you to ditch your career change goals and find your inner intention and see where it takes you – a whole world of career possibilities awaits!

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash.