There’s nothing wrong with you, changing career takes time.

There's nothing wrong with you, changing career takes time. Photo of an egg timer on a pebbly beach.

When I finished testing what has now become my one-to-one coaching offering, I got great feedback and I was excited to officially offer it to the world.

I sent out an email to family and friends announcing my programme was now live with a special introductory rate.

I expectantly waited to receive a flood of eager enquiries from people desperate to be guided through figuring out what to do next in life.

I thought that by the end of the year I would have a number of paying clients and word would spread. 

Maybe I would even have a waiting list. 

My coaching business would be thriving.



Not a dicky bird. 



Cue eye rolling, sighing and a whole lot of wondering.

What should my next move be? Whose advice should I be following? What do I need to do? So many voices telling me this or that was the way to go from all the business coaches and courses I was following.

To be honest I felt a bit lost, deflated and nervous of investing in something that promised to get me clients pronto.

Ah, hindsight is a beautiful thing…

Looking back, this was just part of the journey of starting out in something new.

We forget it takes time alongside all the effort.

Lots and lots of time.

I hadn’t been told this, no one was telling me how long it could take to build an online service business (it’s a few years btw) and it came as a bit of a shock.

Instead of focussing on all the usual rubbish that was a variation on the theme of not being good enough, it would have been helpful to know that it takes time and continued effort, and trying, testing, failing, trying again, tweaking, adapting, stepping back, recharging, trying a different approach, giving in and admitting maybe my way isn’t the best way, resting again, talking it out, getting support and trying again.

I was catching up with a friend recently and she was sharing how hard it is to stay motivated in the face of rejections whilst job hunting. She has made huge changes in her life in the last year. She’s moved country, resigned from her corporate job, gone on a 5 month long road trip, moved back with her family for a while and is now looking for a new job.

She had hoped to have a new role in the bag before Christmas and boy is she diligently networking, seeking out opportunities, applying and interviewing. She is scoring a 10 for effort but I know she has felt she’s no longer good enough (which is rubbish, she’s wonderful) and worries she won’t get a job.

But, it takes time.

The same way healing takes time, and growing takes time and recovering takes time.

Change takes time.

And the sooner we can wrap our heads around this, give ourselves a break and approach changing the direction we want our career to go in to allow for it to take time, the better.

Eyes on the prize, on the long game and the change of direction you are embarking on will gain traction.

Remain flexible and adaptable, of course; make adjustments where necessary, just know that there probably isn’t something fundamentally wrong if it’s taking time. 

It’s just the way it is.

So, go forth and make friends with time because it’s not going anywhere

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash.