Forget about discovering a new career for a little while and head for a pit stop.

Forget about discovering a new career for a little while and head for a pit stop. Photo of woman in jeans and a strapless white top lying on her back with a leg over one knee reading a book in the sun on the end of a wooden jetty next to the water.

Recently, I had an acupuncture session and my acupuncturist (remember Jeff?) reminded me that I don’t need to go down rabbit holes trying to understand everything that is going on in me – the why, that what, the how did that happen?, the when did that happen? etc.

Instead I should do the work, then shut the door and forget about it; a timely reminder that existing outside all the figuring it out is essential to my well-being.

So, forget about discovering a new career for a little while and head for a pit stop.

Each week when I write my newsletter include a part at the bottom where I share what I’m reading, listening to or getting curious about and it seems to be enjoyed by a number of readers.

I thought I would use this as a springboard into sharing with you what I get up to when I have my pit stops during this coaching business adventure and all the ongoing inner work to make it through life!

Here goes…

Switching off with a good dose of fiction

I like fiction that doesn’t require too much of me emotionally. I want to escape, unwind and live in a world where everything turns out alright in the end.

I recently read ‘The No-Show’ by Beth O’Leary which had a wonderful twist that I didn’t see coming until very near the end.

I’ve just finished ‘The Last Summer’ by Karen Swan which follows the plight of Effie as she and her community move from the Scottish island of St Kilda to the mainland in the early 20th century. Based on true events, the fictional characters and plot bring to life a piece of history, which I always enjoy.  It’s the first in a series of 5 books and as this first instalment finished on a real cliff hanger, I will shortly be ordering the second book as it’s just been released!

On my to order/pre-order list are:

  • ‘The Stoken Hours’ by Karen Swan (as referenced above)
  • ‘The Wake-Up Call’ by Beth O’Leary
  • ‘A Lady’s Guide to Scandal’ by Sophie Irwin
  • ‘Mrs Porter Calling’ by A.J.Pearce

Getting curious about health and well-being

I want to dip into some episodes of Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee and listen to some fascinating insights into health and well-being. One interview I have listened to (whilst ironing!) was with Dr Mindy Pelz about women’s hormonal cycles.  It caught my attention and led me to discovering the book ‘Fast Like a Girl’ by Dr Mindy Pelz.

Back in March I attended the Level 1 and 2 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping) training days. This is an incredible tool to bring down stress levels not only in the moment but also of past events. Brad Yates has a ridiculous number of free YouTube videos so you can tap on any number of stressors and I also like The Tapping Solution which has a great introduction to this amazing technique.

Indulging my artistic side

From Autumn to Spring I attend online drawing and watercolour painting classes with the wonderful John Skelcher who is based in Italy. 

I’m not sure I have the stamina of an artist – mammia mia it’s tiring using a different part of my brain when I draw and paint! 

My approach to learning and improving my skills is to take it slow and carry on for the rest of my life rather than setting a goal to meet within a timeframe – a surprisingly hard aim when I’m so used to striving to achieve.

Getting excited about new lotions and potions!

There are many things I can’t be bothered to research but one area I will happily spend time and effort on is skincare 😍.

The majority of my lotions and potions are now from Suneeta. Here is what you’ll find in my kit:

Mandarin and calendula cleansing balm

Clary sage and geranium face cream

Brightening skin drops – I’ve recently added a drop of this to the face cream each morning and so far I’m impressed!

Firming eye cream

Lavomango lip balm

Lavomango body butter

Japanese brush – dry brushing is now part of my routine and this is very easy to use. No, it’s not a toilet brush…

I’ll stop now! 😋

I’d love to know if anything I have highlighted is of interest to you and if you have anything you can recommend to me! 

But above all, let this be a nudge to make sure you take regular pit stops to give yourself a break from the hard work of figuring out your life and discovering a new career.

Give your brain and body a rest – doing this will serve you well on your career change journey!

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash.