Feeling stuck in a career? You are not alone.

Feeling stuck in a career? You are not alone. Photo of the sea with a green rocky coastline in the background. Boats are on the see. All seen through an old stone doorway with a cast iron gate.

For many of you, fleetingly escaping what you’re thinking, feeling and experiencing regarding feeling stuck in your career offers very little reprieve. No matter how long you distract yourself from the noise in your brain, it’s there waiting when the distraction has gone.

When I spoke to a number of people recently for research purposes it seemed to me that being able to give voice to all the noise without any judgement or suggestions was quite a relief.

I wasn’t particularly surprised at what I heard, having been in the same situation myself but it struck me that outside of speaking with friends, feeling stuck in a career doesn’t get talked about too much.

Here’s what I heard from people during the research calls, so know that you’re not alone:

‘Where do I go and how do I get to what could be next?’

‘I don’t know where to start.’

‘There’s a fear of making the wrong choice.’

‘I don’t know what’s out there.’

‘There’s a risk to moving away from what I know.’

‘I’m worried about the judgement of others if I change career.’

And then there are the statements I read out to see if they represented what they were experiencing:

87% agreed with ‘I worry about the financial impact of making a career change.’

67% agreed with ‘I don’t know how to explore my career options beyond what I already do.’

67% agreed with ‘I don’t know where to go from here.’

60% agreed with ‘I don’t feel fulfilled in my current career.’

60% agreed with ‘I feel trapped where I am in my current career.’

53% agreed with ‘I can’t see what else I can do with the skills and experience I have.’

53% agreed with ‘Feeling stuck in my career is affecting other parts of my life.’

53% agreed with ‘I feel like a hamster on a wheel.’

What comes up when you read these insights?

Hopefully it makes you feel a little less alone and eases some of the burden of not knowing how to address feeling stuck in your career.  

I’m hoping it also allows for a bit of space to emerge in your brain around your potential next step in the journey to discovering new career possibilities.

Photo by Alessandro Ferrara on Unsplash.