Try this to keep moving on your career change journey.

Try this to keep moving on your career change journey. Photo of a pink and white hotel overlooking a mediterranean sea. Boats are on the sea in the distance and the sun is shining.

Sometime last year, I had a session with my coach which resulted in me choosing to see my future unfold like a magic map.

I can’t remember what the context was, although no doubt it was something to do with me wanting to know what’s coming my way and when, so I can prepare for it.

To help me switch into a different perspective (apparently this longed for foresight is never going to happen…) I imagined having a magic map which reveals the next step in my journey only when I have taken a step forward.

This approach is essential for anyone wanting to change career.

During the recent Discover A New Career group coaching programme one of the participants reflected that at the beginning of the journey she could not have imagined that she would be about to explore the possibility of marketing in the wine industry.

You’re not supposed to know where you’re headed when beginning a career change exploration. That’s the beauty of it, albeit mildly terrifying. This really is a trust the process approach and one that leans on taking action to illicit the next step.

The magic map only reveals where to go next when you can move out of your head and into taking action.

As someone who likes to plan (and who really rather would like to know what’s coming my way) I find this surprisingly liberating. 

Using the magic map perspective encourages me to take another step to expand my horizon rather than ruminate, cogitate and quite frankly work myself up into creating overwhelming and unhelpful stories about what could be, all whilst remaining resolutely inactive.

When I move forward (however tentatively) to see further afield and gather more information to inform my next step, I invariably find some small morsel of new insight waiting for me, which makes it easier to keep taking the next step.

Whether you’re thinking about exploring a career change or are already well underway in the journey, I encourage you to keep taking the next step and watch as new possibilities slowly emerge.

And take note, no step is ever wasted; it is not a false move in the wrong direction.  Every action you take will inform your next step.

The key is to keep moving.

So, I encourage you to try this magic map approach and see where it might take you on your career change journey.