How to combine your interests into career possibilities.

How to combine your interests into career possibilities. Photo looking up at some buildings with arched windows with yellow and blue surrounds and a balcony in the foreground with pink flowers.

At first the career change process demands that you go big and, dare I say it, wild with the ideas that interest you.

There is no analysing, weighing up, figuring out or appraising at this stage, which is all well and good for some people.

They can crack open their creativity and finally go for it; for others it takes a while to fire up the imagination and put the reality based approach to a career change to bed (for this stage of the journey at least).

Whichever camp you find yourself in, this exercise I want to share with you today can help you begin to see how you can turn multiple interests into potential career possibilities, thereby not forcing yourself to choose just one area to pursue.

Afterall, you’ve started this journey to discovering a new career to be fulfilled, not to be confined to yet another box!

Combining areas exercise

Take 6 career areas that interest you.

For example:

– Physical fitness

– Language translation

– Export/Import

– Creative writing

– Health & safety

– Ecotourism

On a piece of paper create a 3 x 3 grid.

Add 3 areas along the top in a row and 3 areas down the side in a column.

See what ideas you can generate for the combined areas.

Here’s an example using the 6 areas above:

How to combine your interests into career possibilities. Image of grid example combining career possibilities.

Play around with different combinations.

See how many ideas you can come up with for each combination.

Ask trusted friends what comes to mind – this is all about expanding your career possibilities and others can often see things you can’t.

Once you think you have exhausted all ideas, notice which ones keep calling for your attention, pull them out and ask yourself: who can I talk to in order to find out more about this possibility?

Use your network to ask if anyone knows of someone, find people who work in that area on LinkedIn and message them telling them you are exploring a career change and ask them if they would chat to you for 30 mins (you may be surprised by how enthusiastic people are to help).

Use this exercise as a springboard to find out more information so you can begin to measure how a career possibility resonates with you.

You may find other ideas are revealed to you through talking to knowledgeable people, that you like some aspects of an area, but not others.

New ideas of how you can merge your interests may also be revealed through this process.

As always, stay curious, push at the boundaries of your comfort zone (you haven’t made any decisions yet, this is just information gathering!) and have fun!

If you give this exercise a go, I’d love to know what unexpected career possibilities it yields.

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash.