Are you worried about making compromises when choosing a new career?

Woman sitting on a boa holding onto her hat as she gazes towards the horizon of a cloudy sky.

Since launching the Discover A New Career group coaching programme, I’ve begun noticing something.

It’s caught my attention through an article I read online.

It’s taking form as I observe people journeying towards new career possibilities.

It sprung up before me when Ashley, the guest money mindset coach for the group coaching programme, mentioned it in her introductory session.


When you have the understanding you are searching for, the information you need and the insights required to make a decision, you can still choose any of the options before you – it doesn’t have to be the right one, or the easiest one, or the one that makes most sense.

As a perpetual seeker of the ‘right choice’ this concept has left an impression on me.

I am beginning to toy with the idea that all things considered, maybe I still want to make a choice that doesn’t entirely make sense and see what happens, where it takes me, what opens up for me.

And that’s ok, because I’m doing it from a place of knowing myself, which is key. It means I’m aware of why I’m choosing something. Fear, in all its guises, is not making the decision for me.

When helping people uncover new career possibilities, a large part of me wants them to go for the fullest expression of what they want including the way in which they want to work, so they meet all the criteria that they have identified as important to them in order to flourish.

Everyday life, however, may make this difficult.

The responsibilities, access to financial support, the length of time to gain the experience or further studying required may mean compromised choices.

I’m learning to come to terms with this for the people I work with, but my hope is their choice is made on their terms.

If you know who you are, what you want and why, you are far more likely to be able to accept compromised choices as you create your new career and be reasonably content with it.

You can see the bigger picture, you know how much the compromise will affect you and your plans so you can gauge what to let go of and what to hold on to for the time being.

You know you can make another choice later on and change the balance if needed or just because you want to!

You get to choose.

You don’t feel hemmed in.

You can ensure you are still pointing in the right direction and making progress in a more contented fashion because your choice is made from a place of deep understanding of yourself and you know that it takes time to create your new career.

You can slow down and enjoy the ride, take some detours and see what happens.

I find this quite liberating.

How might it serve you to make a choice in this way?

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