What motivates you to pursue a career?

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In a recent blogpost I wrote about choice and your career (you can read it here) and I think the topic I touch on below adds to the idea I talked about of choosing what is best for you rather than what is right.

Much of what I support clients with is helping them understand themselves as they are today to enable their new career possibilities to be in line with what they like, what energises them, what fulfils them and what lights them up.

This all lends itself nicely to finding a career that fulfils a person’s purpose so they are deeply connected to their work.

But what if this doesn’t resonate?

What if you don’t see your career in this light?

I have recently discovered (via Melody Wilding) a concept that Dr Amy Wrzesniewski describes offering 3 motivations behind working, which highlights 2 additional ways of seeing your career:

  • You work to be able to afford to live the life you want and love.
  • You work as a way to advance yourself (training, promotion, skill building).
  • Your work is your purpose – it’s deeply aligned to who you are.

If you can understand which drives you this frees you to approach a new career in the way that works for you, which is the foundation of successfully pivoting into something different.

The last thing I want is for you to be trying to pursue a career ideal that is not yours.  

The work to discover a new career then empowers you to take all you learn about yourself and your career possibilities and make an informed choice that fits you, not a predefined measure of career success, such as fulfilling your purpose.

I’m keeping this short and sweet, so will leave you to mull over which of the 3 motivations speaks to you and how this might guide your career change.

Photo by Victoria Howard