How to find, explore and test career options.

How to find, explore and test career options. Photo of Cefalu beach in Sicily in Summer.

Something I hear often when I ask what would help you if you feel stuck in a career is that you don’t know what else you could do.  

You have no idea how to find new options that are a good fit for you and you don’t know whether you will like what you’re attracted to!

Here I aim to shine a light on ways in which you can find, explore and test new career possibilities.

Help is at hand…

Approach these exercises with lightness, fun and expansiveness and please leave the way you have approached getting new jobs at the door!

Here are 6 blog posts to open up your career world:

If you need any help with an exercise, consider booking a no-strings attached 1 hour gift coaching session with me and let’s see where it takes you on your career change journey!

Photo by Victoria Howard.