You don’t need to do a 180 to find a career path you love.

You don't need to do a 180 to find a career path you love. Photo of an empty chair with a bag on the ground next to it, facing the sea.

I can still conjure up the memories of my childhood games easily.

There was the portable Post Office counter, complete with stamps, postal orders and all manner of things that are long gone from the everyday services on offer now. 

Then there was the season of Howkins the estate agents (an amalgamation of my surname with my friend’s). We would take printouts of houses for sale whenever we went with my friend’s mum to estate agents.

What about the Star Trek era?! Phasers and communication devices made from cardboard and paper with a mattress on its side as the bridge.

Those were the days.

There was much at play in these games and in some ways they live on.


Being in control 😂.


A focus on people.


Sharing knowledge.

I use all of these in my work now, which isn’t too much of a change from my previous career in employee engagement, training and development.

However, being in control has become a much more active part of how I work – it has well and truly come into its own as I run the Victoria Howard Coaching show and I love being in charge of EVERYTHING 💃.

Ask me about my acting triumph as Princess Poppy sometime…

When you look back over your life, what skills can you see threading through to the present day?

What would you like to take with you as you forge a new career path?

And what new or lesser utilised skill, area of interest or way of working should you be considering for the future?

If, like me, it transpires you don’t need or want to change everything about your work to find something more fulfilling, to find a new career your love, maybe some tweaks will do the trick nicely.

Maybe you don’t need to leave everything behind and start again in a radical move that has you doing something wildly different to now.

Some people will need to, and want to, but maybe you don’t.

The career change that uses much of what already exists with new additions (as well as losing the bits that don’t serve you) is worth its weight in gold.

Forget the 180 and go for the 30.

This could be where you discover the work you love.

Photo by Irina on Unsplash.

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