10 questions for career changers.

10 questions to ask yourself about your career as we enter 2024. Photo of yellow wall and window with pink plant around it.

This could be a good exercise to do with a friend – turn it into more of a discussion, or sit down with some good old fashioned pen and paper and free write.

Just see what comes up and get curious about where your insights might lead you. 

  • Which best describes your career?
      • It’s like eating ultra processed food. There are highs and lows but overall it’s not satisfying me.
      • It’s like a fine wine. I’m in it for the long game and over time it’s getting better and better.
      • It’s like a cup of tea. Comforting; I know what’s what and it’s reliable.
  • What does your career give you and what doesn’t it give you?
  • Honing in on the role you currently hold, why are you here?
  • How has your career journey led you to your current role?
  • If you had a guaranteed income and you could do anything, what would you change about your career and what would you keep the same?
  • If you could, how would you invest time and money in yourself with regards to your career?
  • How does the current trajectory of your career make you feel?
  • What comes up when you think about changing career?
  • Imagine you’re 80 years old and you’re looking back over your career, what are glad you did and what do you regret?
  • Having answered all the questions, what are you observing?

I’d love to know how these questions prove insightful and also what you wished I had asked – what’s the question I’m missing?

Photo by Sven on Unsplash.

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