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I create content to answer the question, “Why do people need to be aware of when exploring career change?”

Bring curiosity to your career change journey. On this page you will find articles about career ideas, how to approach career change, what type of career changer you are, and how to test new career options.


The 4 types of career changer. Photo looking out across the coast with white and pink houses, foliage and bushes and a yellow church with blue mediterranean sea and boats in the distance.

The 4 types of career changer.

If you’re feeling the need to get out of your current job you may be in danger of employing some ineffective strategies at best or knee jerk reactions at worst to try and resolve what you’re experiencing. In order to take the most effective approach to your current job situation, you need to identify which […]

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Why the work you're focussing on in your career change might actually be a procrastination tactic.. Aerial view of a line of beach umbrellas on the sand with a transparent blue sea.

Why the work you’re focussing on in your career change might actually be a procrastination tactic.

How do you procrastinate? Is it suddenly deciding that the toilet is disgusting and needs to be cleaned right now? How about the reorganisation of the fridge becoming an urgent priority? Do you like adjusting the colour coding in your calendar…again? Or maybe you favour writing lists to try and rearrange what needs to be done

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How to find a new career.

Oftentimes a career seems to find you.  Have you noticed that? You fall into doing something, find you’re reasonably good at, start earning decent money, get some promotions and before you know it you’re an accountant when you started out as a nutritionist. How have 10 years passed and it’s only now you’re feeling stuck and unable

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What are your strengths? Blue sky filled with colourful hot air balloons

What are your strengths?

A while back I had a wonderful gift coaching session with a young lady (wow, that makes me feel old). We were focussing on beginning the discovery of her values, strengths, skills and motivators through what I like to call a storytelling session. In this session, a client and I work together to unpack achievements, significant

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What are your values?

There’s no beating around the bush, I’m going to dive straight in with a definition of a value taken from my coaching study material written by Nick Bolton: ‘It is important to realise that a value is neither morally good, nor bad. It is not something to be judged. Rather, a value is something that

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